EMAILING / UPLOADING PHOTOS                     Click Here for Information on Artwork & Artwork Design

SUBMITTING YOUR PHOTOS (Up to 2 gigabytes via eMail)

Click here to send us files UP TO 2 GB  

For files up to 2 gigabytes you may email them as an attachment. Indicate your name in the Subject Line. If you have more than one file to upload, either archive them into one single file or upload one file at a time.

SUBMITTING YOUR PHOTOS (LARGER than 2 gigabytes via Sendspace)

For files Larger than 2 gigabytes

Go to which is a free online file transfer service. On the landing page you should see a form on the bottom left.

Select the file you wish to send us; multiple files should be “zipped” to ease transport. Enter a description of the file you’re uploading so our staff will recognize the file. Enter in the “Recipient’s email” box and your own email in the “Your Email" box.

If you’ve read and agree to the terms of service you can begin your upload. Upload time is directly related to the size of the file you’re uploading. This could vary from a few minutes to upwards of over an hour depending on the speed of your connection to the Internet.

PHOTO ESSENTIALS  Professionally Taken Photos Always Work Best!

For non-professional photos a good guideline for sending photos is to send the photo in its original form as the digital camera created it. If it is necessary to supply us with a hard copy of your photo, be sure it is a high quality color photograph on quality photo paper (the hard copy will be returned as soon as possible).

In addition, the photo should be as close to the original output size as possible. For instance if the photo is for a sign panel and the area of the sign panel you are ordering is 5” x 7” then you should supply us with photo of similar size.

If you are submitting a photo for use on business cards the dots or pixels per inch should be a minimum of 300. (600 dpi is preferred.)

If you are submitting a photo to be used for a SILHOUETTE PHOTO BUSINESS CARD, the requirements are much more stringent. These photos should be Professionally Taken and there must be significant contrast between the subject and the background to allow the proper elimination of the background. The absolute minimum dots per inch  for these photos is 300 dpi. (The higher the resolution, the lower your cropping costs will be and the better the result).

Here are a couple of common Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to photos:

DO send us high quality digital or printed photos.
DO send us the native art file if you have cropped your photo.

DO NOT send us scanned business card photos
DO NOT send us photos printed on a desktop printer
DO NOT send us photos copied from web pages. These are normally low quality photos.
DO NOT submit photos taken with “softening” or “fantasy” filters. These types of photos will appear out of focus or blurry


NOTE: Use these formats for optimal photo print quality.

icon of jpeg imageicon of tiff imageicon of psd image

Note: We reserve the right to refuse to use submitted photos. They may be your signs or business cards, but it is ultimately our product and we want to produce the best possible product which properly represents us, and you.


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